Kickstarter is a great tool that allows you not only to collect money, but also to check the reaction of customers to the proposed product. One of the most discussed rebounds has awakened great hopes, but after a few months it is becoming increasingly controversial and there are even opinions about oszukaniu donors. What’s next with the Ouya console?

Impressive collection on Kickstarter

Impressive collection on KickstarterStarted as Hitchcock decent earthquake. When the project of a new console appeared on Kickstarterze in the summer of 2012, before the start of production and its creators needed 950 thousand. dollars’. Internet users not only within eight hours collected the necessary amount, but before the end of the collection put a total of almost 8.6 million. The console set, by the way, a record as a project that is the fastest in the history of Kickstarter has collected a million dollars. What was the secret of such an impressive success?

Ouya, because so called the new console, it runs Android and define a new quality in the market. The power of the idea lies in its openness, which meant no license, no restrictions, and ultimately no fees charged by game publishers. The Creator of the app on the new console could be anyone then. Moreover, the console had to be an ideal equipment for geeks with their own ideas to optimize its operation. After purchasing the equipment, the buyer should not have been limited in terms of intervention and any possible alterations that he had just come up with.

Thanks to numerous emulators, the console was also meant to be a real Paradise for dedicated old, classic productions, and the number of titles available increased support for the OnLive platform. Another advantage of the equipment was its cost, determined by which excite the imagination, 99 dollars.

Real criticism or whining?

Real criticism or whining?Quite quickly there were voices of skeptics, drawing attention to the limitations of the entire project, including the fact that the benefits of using Android is not obvious. Openness is a double-edged weapon. On the one hand, it guarantees a rash of independent names, and on the other-dramatically reduces the attractiveness of the platform for business, which are large, more complex and expensive productions, which in fact should earn. About Android console with a reserve spoke, in particular, interviewed by Bart in the article ” Android console [cz. 1]. We are waiting for a revolution in the game world?”representatives of the Polish gaming industry.

Think provoked also the classic, wi-Fi pad. He looked good, had in mind the accessories available for consoles from Microsoft and Sony, but in practice, that was discovered only recently, was a weak link of the whole set. This is a question of technical specifications. 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory, 1.7 GHz, Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 and Tegra 3 is in practice, the smartphone without a screen, closed in a cubic case.

The success of the fundraising, however, was impressive enough for the console’s creators to be optimistic about the future. But whether they were up to their expectations? If it is difficult to draw reliable conclusions on the basis of devices supplied from December 31, 2012 to game developers, from April 3, the first game consoles began to fall into the founders who supported the project on Kickstarterze. The Ouya Is Basically Dead. The problem is that instead of euphoria and rave reviews on the Network, there was perhaps not a groan of the profession, but there were cautious and not enthusiastic reviews. Why?

No mind, but a suggestion of defeat would be premature.

No mind, but a suggestion of defeat would be premature.People who have already had the opportunity to test the console, drew attention to a few annoying flaws. One of them is not the quality of the performance falls, which in some cases works pretty rough. Moreover, the reviewer from the site Engadget drew attention to the problem lag, complicating precise control. The following disadvantages include the instability of the console and frustratingly unfinished software.

What’s important, the hardware developers, began to embarrassedly explain. They reported that the sent consoles are not the final version of the device yet, which is contrary to previous announcements, and it looks a bit serious for people who supported the project on Kickstarter. Not pleased with the lack of access to games from Google Play and a small selection of names running on the new platform — the owners of the first instances of the console has a choice of only 104.

The biggest problem in this case is not the number, but the quality-most of them are simple or old productions. As David pierce of the Verge derisively said, the most powerful of these is Final Fantasy III in 1990, and the hardware that was supposed to challenge the biggest players in the market is reminiscent of a Raspberry Pi rather than an Xbox 360. Although it would be premature to talk about defeat, it should be recognized that the origins of the new console are not encouraging. I hope the developers have learned from the cool reviews before the flaws bury this until recently well-advertised project.

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