I would like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to have a competitor. Just. Therefore, I imagined the best candidate that could be returned to the console market. The choice was simple: Sega Dreamcast.

A Change in Attitude

Probably already settled with the fact that the console market is calm. Yes, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are constantly fighting for the best profit, but the result of this collision can be predicted: the giant will win. TOP 3 constantly and it is difficult to imagine, to suddenly emerged the fourth player. With the Hope they were looking at the Android consoles, but it’s not the League. Steam Machines are something in between, and though, of course, podgryzie Sony and Microsoft, it is difficult to call, the equipment Valve for a full console. Perhaps, Amazon or Apple will join for fun, but there will be no changes on the podium yet. Thus, we can dream that suddenly Sega returns to its great form…

A Change in Attitude

Ah, if suddenly someone tried to fight so bravely, having up their sleeve fantastic ideas, pleasing players. New Dreamcast? We want!

The story of Dreamcast is the story of the rise and the great fall. The console at the beginning was selling very well, she was crazy looking game, I… well, the PlayStation 2 premiere is in front of you. Is that okay? Add to this the problem with piracy (illegal copies acted even without alterations!) and it is already known why Dreamcast landed in the grave.

Passing 18 months. Dreamcast was in fashion-true, we thought we would succeed. And then the Japanese headquarters demanded that we earn hundreds of millions of dollars before the holiday period and sell a few million consoles, because otherwise we could say goodbye to the business. Sold 50tys. copies consoles in day, then 60tys. then 100tys. but it was still too small to reach the right amount before the PS2 release. 

This clash just needs to win richer. Although, of course, the PlayStation 2 is not only a big budget Sony, but the money played a big role in this fight. This one with more money in the account he could afford more, and Sega quickly felt like a knife in the throat. Logically.

Not enough risk

Dreamcasta is worth remembering not only because of the game, which you still say to yourself. Sega game console-is, above all, innovative ideas, which — do not be fooled, a little on the console market we are missing today. We can say that the revolution was easier then, because there was nothing, so someone had to be first. When it comes to online games, this predecessor was precisely Dreamcast. Console found in modem for online play.

Not enough riskSega put on its own carrier – GD-ROM was 1.2 GB, in addition, its production was not worth too much. Imagine that today a manufacturer of consoles will go from Blu-Ray? Even Microsoft used competition technology in their new console, and that’s why these drives are propellers on Xbox one. When talking about the fact that Nintendo’s new console will leave the traditional stuff, many think they’re crazy.

This perfectly shows how little space there is for bold, risky ideas. For head gets caught not only accountants, but and ordinary players. Someone will say that it can be better, because due to the fact that the PlayStation brand exists today, and Dreamcast is only a memory, but, from our point of view, a cold calculation is not interesting. We like risk takers, don’t we?

And Dreamcast had some unusual solutions. It is worth mentioning not only about the online game, a unique medium, but also about the memory card… display. The gadget served as an additional screen – for example, it displayed hints or The Rise And Fall Of The Dreamcast. Sometimes it could be used as a portable console. However, it does not always work as it should, but in theory the idea is impressive.

Dreamcast and games

Especially if you remember, for example, the Wii U, which also makes the use of an additional screen in the pad. I don’t think there’s a lack of innovative solutions today-virtual reality is likely to stay with us for years and will be the standard on many hardware — but I’m missing those little things. Like anything, that’s the idea, which has survived the years and is today a role model.

Dreamcast and gamesSega alive, but only in the memories of its former strength — the publisher has in its range a few interesting production, but is much louder about the financial problems than the successes of the new Prime Minister. It is difficult to understand this, especially if you remember what aces were in the Dreamcast proposal. SoulCalibur, sonic, Jet Set Radio, rez Or Shenmue-it would seem that they will not die. These are brands that are alive today and are in great demand. Just look at Shenmue’s success on Kickstarter-Dreamcast-it’s a slaughtered chicken with Golden eggs.

If the console has a chance to return? Rather not, given the state of Shogi and the situation on the console market. But it does not hurt to dream of a console with interesting ideas and a great number of games.

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