Reasonable treatment when paying online

Polish consumers now use the Internet every day in work, professional, consumer and private. This activity also includes payment transactions. It’s mostly about paying bills, shopping online or doing business. The security of Internet transactions is guaranteed due to the fact that portals, payment are becoming more specialized, and the technology is more advanced. Currently, shops and online payment intermediaries use very high security, but the users themselves should remember a few simple rules.

When carrying out transactions on the network, we must be guided primarily by common sense. For this reason, it is important to find secure recommended portals. It is also good to get acquainted with the rules of our Bank regarding electronic services.

Reasonable treatment when paying online

When we pay online, you should use the services of a certified online payment service like Dotpay or Przelewy24, because they can be used to pay for various services. It is enough to choose a convenient payment method, as these portals have the largest Affaritaliani number of payment channels. With their help, you can perform secure card actions, fast money transfers, as well as implement mobile solutions that can be encountered in other stores. Online payment operators are also implementing European standards, thanks to which Internet users should not be afraid of their money. Everyone who pays online should also remember to set strong passwords, pins and codes. All transactions must be performed on a trusted computer, as this ensures that no one will know our passwords.

Reasonable treatment when paying online

What else can be done?

At the beginning, we can make sure that this financial institution has a PCI DSS certificate, which indicates compatibility with well-known credit card payment systems. This standard confirms the compliance of the world and high quality standards related to safety. However, if we are still afraid that someone will steal the data and gain access to our savings, we can protect ourselves from this quite easily. It is enough to create an account that will serve exclusively for payment via the Internet, with attached to this record with a debit card that allows you to make such payments. In a situation where we need to pay for something in the online store, it will be enough to replenish from your main account the right amount of funds to such an account and with it we have the proper payment. We also, of course, for the convenience of always keep some measures in case we would like to quickly make a small payment card for small purchases.


Geolocation technology is a tool that is known primarily by influential people, that is, people working „on the Internet” – owners of online stores, blogs, social networking sites and messengers. Thanks to this useful feature, they can easily analyze the current needs of their customers, create „user profiles” and check for which groups the materials they create reach. Of course, such an analysis is carried out mainly for marketing purposes, which affects the finances. Geolocation is also a popular tool used only during online payments. Want to know more about it?

What is geolocation?

  • We suspect that after such a beginning, many of You will begin to wonder what, in fact, is this technology.
  • Or is it „just” GPS? And can IP?
  • Let’s start with the fact that geolocation is not any novelty on the market, and indeed, its first application was precisely to the military GPS system.

With deficiency geolocation is designed to accurately determine the geographical location of a person or physical object-a car, building or electronic device. GPS technology allows you to detect the coordinates of the object, but is not the only tool used to determine the location. IP numbers, SIM cards or chips are also used for this (although they are all based on GPSie). Thanks to this, within a few seconds we can determine where the object is – find the way to a hotel hidden in the urban jungle or a pet that is lost during a walk (if you have an implanted czipa). We can easily determine from which place in the world even the smallest payment was made

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