The universe of Star Wars have been specialties of dishes many years ago, there are many products with a detailed description of almost every detail of created reality. Realities these voted in many films, books, but and in games. Looking at the title I’m considering below, I feel quite honored to have this opportunity. STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic, because it speaks, is the title show completely what I would call the LAW of FORCE.

Accurately conveyed the atmosphere of the universe

Accurately conveyed the atmosphere of the universeThe first contact with the game, I had in 2003, at a time when I was working on a business trip and for umilenia myself lonely (in the frightening majority ;)) night, I bought the first console MS. In addition to the many interesting titles, like Shenmue or Forza – I bought a box with this game. I did not know back then that I was waiting for more than 120 hours of unforgettable impressions.

We have 2015, I’m on vacation and just finishing reading Bane’s trilogy (which I had the opportunity to win on the bloodweek blog – thanks again). After 6 days without the console there is a natural „hunger” to blow up something, but most of all under the influence of the book just-to play something from the world of SW – books no longer took, and until the end of the holiday 8 days, but still left. For a long time without thinking again I became the owner of SW:KOTOR – this time on the tablet.

I must say that the management in 10 minutes becomes clear and without problems, and for the time generally ceases to think about it, and rest for the game is still one of the most convenient. It is worth adding that I was able to once again combine the book with the game, which each time helps to increase the level of immersion of the world in which we experience adventure (as I have this opportunity with the world of the Subway or at least a Witcher or Dragon Age) – to be honest, I can each player is very.

Noisy climate from the screen

Noisy climate from the screenAs I mentioned at the beginning, the world of SW-powered Power is worth, and has been so accurately described that having good movie material in the times we know, parts I-VI (soon VII, can’t wait), or in the „surroundings” of this period, is something really difficult. Bioware, to have the freedom to tell perhaps the best story, took after the simplest and, as is often the case – the best solution – a unique plot posted for 4000 years before the events when Mark Hammil/Luke was engaged in growing on Tatooine. Believe me-such actions allowed so to conduct events that without problems it would be possible on the basis of this game to remove the next fantastic part, not allowed with my beloved so far, part III, the famous Canon.

The story is based on an RPG game where at the beginning of the game we choose a male or female human race character in three different categories. Knights Of The Old Republic Is Still The Best Star Wars GameIt is not very original, because there are three possibilities – a Robber, a Scout and a Soldier. Next is interesting because choosing manual the specifics of the character (except fatati), we vozdeistviem on his strength, agility, health, intellect and charisma. Added to this are additional abilities like computer use, stealth, perception, persuasion, repair, hacking abilities, etc. – that’s a bit.

And this is only half of the rides, because we are waiting for a breakthrough in qualities that specialize in the hero (- erek)in battle. Types of weapons, armor, methods of attack, Blaster processing, the fight of one and two hands after the specialization of the attacks themselves-accuracy, speed or strength. Each feature is well described, and it is worth adding that the benefits of choice are almost always „balanced” are losses in other areas.

Of course, in each case, the possibility to extend by another 2 degrees and so, for example: the Ability „Flurry” – allows you to specify additional attack with the weapon during round 1 (with a step-by-step struggle, just write) apply 2 attacks, but please note, due to the reduction fall on the „defense” to „-4″ in the next 3 seconds. Improving the performance can be” parameters „to improve the level of” -1 ” for protection. At the bottom, we choose the specifics of what kind of power user we plan to remain, rudely treating-whether we prefer diplomatic solutions (Yes, there is a very useful Force „force persuade” giving a lot of opportunities to facilitate dialogues) by force or by force.

Heroes with history

Heroes with historyI know that the values I am giving now are not measurable for you(people who have not played yet), however, playing is of a non-rich value. To sum up-if each of the features is connected in the further part of the game along with the use of Force – because probably no one has any doubt that, in the end, will allow us to use it-it becomes really interesting and exciting-having developed to the maximum „Force Speed” is achieved together with „Flurry” 4 attacks on one move, with-collectively looking – +3 to the mentioned „defensu” just a puzzle does not make it fits conveniently located because against the merits of the sieves’. that, too, is worth as something protect 😉

The good news is that, in addition to the highest level of difficulty, you can not play statistics and analysis, but simply intuitively select individual abilities and it will also be good. There is also the option of” auto-leveling”, completely simplifying but also consuming a lot of fun, deal.

The gutter can be improved, the colors and types (2 blades for example) of lightsabers change, blasters retrofit, and strengthen the armor – what the soul wants. So easy that has no limits to his uniform, ammunition, and the ends want to earn some money, because money has a value, for example, at the time, as in one version of the mission you need to purchase the robot for 3000 credits (because he knows the language of the people of the sand, however, funny in his evil character), where the first aid kit is 80… (so as to give a little proportion). The robot can also be upgraded by purchasing its armor and weapons, etc.

Describing the very struggle with the transformation that it is possible to conduct it almost in real time, with the ability to stop manually, or under the influence of some event – the end of the round, the death of the enemy , the „death” of an ally, the choice of a new goal, etc.It’s just convenient-everyone will find a setting for themselves.

In General, however, you should know that the fight is divided into a move, and attacks cause bursts of blows, first aid kits, energy use, etc. It becomes very convenient, especially when the team consisting of 3 (on a single „Jan” can also be implemented in most missions) should make the most of their strengths. The fighting animations can now like, even though a certain level of conditionality, the fight in the light swords, sound and the different ways attacks along with the use of force (Yes, zippers too ;)) can be considered great.

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