Computer games better than cognitive training

Generally, it is impossible to create an ideal cognitive training that will improve the functioning of memory, intelligence and everything that can be invented. You can train a very specific ability, but it has a poor transfer to other spheres of functioning – Brzezicka explained. The situation is a bit better with computer games.

 All such games (strategic – ed.) Have a few elements that are devoid of cognitive training, and which are useful in the commitment of the person in the task – said Head of GamesLab. As she added: In the game the level of engagement is adjusted to the level of tasks performed – when we are doing well, we jump to a higher one and we have to learn new things again.

Regular cognitive training stimulates brain memory, making it more active. And the research of experts dealing with the aging process, brain degenerative diseases, talk about the need to „stimulate” the brain, by acquiring new skills and skills.

The first computer game appeared in 1952, it was an ordinary „Noughts and Crosses”. Until today, games have become very popular around the world. Everyone plays, children, adolescents and adults. However, how many of those people were wondering about the question „Computer games – a narcotic or another muse; the threat or good of the 21st century?

„My opinion, and probably many of us are divided. It is well known that computer games can become addicted in the same way as from drugs. Narcotic drugs sneak into our lives unnoticed, until they take them completely from us. As it will show in the arguments, games can play the same way. The term muse in this question is of importance to another field of art. The daughters of Zeus, known as muses, were the patrons of, for example, Erato- love songs, Kliography. In my speech I will try to present all the major advantages and disadvantages of computer games.

First of all, some games help us to develop our mind and imagination. We can not beat the next stage without straining our gray cells. Nowadays, games require the player to have more logical thinking skills. For example, here I will give the game „Simsy”. In order for sims to have good living conditions, we need to build a house for him, which requires a lot of imagination. Taking care of each character, we educate our management skills. Nature and travel games help us to expand our news about the world. Still others increase our historical knowledge, e.g. „Europa Universalis”.

In turn, the brutality in games has a very negative meaning. Aggression of the characters of the game, moves to real life. We think that if we have a fictional character, we can do it too. Unfortunately, very often these fallible conclusions lead to fighting and even death. An example of this is the example of a 10-year-old boy, who was embraced by the fashion of „Pockemon” games. During the Pockemon fight, which he had with his colleagues, he was burned by him. The boy paid for it with life.

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