Playing Mighty No.9, I started to wonder which projects do more damage to Kickstarter-found games that don’t end up appearing or perhaps like this. 400% set for financial Keiji Inafune at the helm, and eventually comes out something that the term „spiritual heir to Mega Man” fits much worse than”fake.”

Impact on the promotion

Impact on the promotionIn the production Studio Comcept has, in principle, nothing over which you could sincerely admire. On its biggest plus grows the number of additional modes and problems that appear after the completion of each of the sections of the adventure and the game as a whole. It would be something to chew on if the mighty weren’t.9 itself was much more fun. Meanwhile, the only target audience I see is masochists with impaired vision and suppressed hearing. I’ll explain.

Mighty No. 9-this skin is taken alive from the iconic child of the game’s chief designer. The main character is now called the Beck, but Inafune isn’t fooling anyone. However, after all that is what people want the money for Kickstarterze – Mega Man, who because of legal considerations could not be Mega-Man. Mighty No. 9 no mercy for players making mistakes. There are many obstacles that kill Beck on first contact.

The scheme of each stage is identical. With a limited number of lives (on normalu you can increase it to 9 – I recommend) to break through the stage wypalający eyeballs, visual mizerią although dotted with various traps, then to fight with the boss. If you manage to beat him, Beck will learn from him new tricks or get a new weapon – which will help in the further stages. If we die, all levels must start from the beginning. Mighty No. 9 no mercy for players making mistakes. There are many obstacles that kill Beck on first contact. Can even bosses, when we especially careless. Masochistic tendencies or absolute emptiness in my life that really we have something better – welcome a detailed explanation of why Mighty No. 9 was terrible.

Visual quality of the game is knocked down

Visual quality of the game is knocked downThe only nod from the developer’s side is to unlock all the boards at once so that players can skip a stage that makes problems and try their hand at another. Some put more on the fight with quite interesting opponents, others more emphasize the complex pixel accuracy (the game will fall on the analog) elements of the platform. But in the end, always waiting for the boss, who does, how many lives we will not, most likely, they will not be enough. At least until you make on the sheet the circuits into which each of the “forms”is armed. Fighting eventually comes down to teaching them memory and keeping their blood cold. A real fight with the enemy in which you have to react to unexpected behavior as much here as the cat was crying.

Managing the BEC doesn’t cause much of a problem if you just jump from analog to d-pad. This is important because the levels through which it will come to pierce, were made of hour accuracy and one goal – not to miss anyone who makes mistakes. However, they lack the characteristic for good arcade rhythms when overcoming obstacles. Poring for another trap does not deliver this much pleasure. We focus primarily on surviving to get to the boss in the best condition.

The robots were designed with a decent set of behaviors and attacks. There is much to learn to Wade through the levels faster and faster to reach the boss. A very important component of Beck’s Arsenal is the ability to absorb weakened opponents, which allows you to restore health. With a small amount of skill air dashes we can combine these acquisitions in a Bonus point combo. But even when that doesn’t work, you should remember about the lightning teleporto-jumping protagonist. Without them, his nose Blaster will not be useful for many.

Will kill or only wounds?

The aforementioned mid-title is a literal quote from one of the „bosses” who squeaky voice tells the player when performing a special attack multiple times during a collision. Many times during my adventures with Mighty No. 9 I wanted to warm the rain through the open window. Sometimes when I’ve lost a stupid life.

Many times when I had to think I was wasting my life playing such an ugly and clumsy game. But when this girl opened her mouth for another pew, only the Supreme effort of will allowed me to keep control. English voice action causes the ears to bleed. Fortunately, it can be changed to Japanese, somewhat saving the situation, but the European ear will have big problems with clearing the audio prompts during boss fights.

Will kill or only wounds?Why would a game like this voice acting? Mighty No. 9 were directed, perhaps, in a Golden aesthetics simple stories for children. You know, the robots have rebelled, Beck has to help them get out of this, and he’s supporting him from the base as a fun and cool team. Ultimately, all inserts to the missions or in the course of its equally annoying that stupid death. To which sometimes even contribute by throwing a window on the screen with a dialogue that messages, the landing place of Beck (this can be turned off). Especially bad look interrupters after the mission, where the characters chatter without opening his mouth. About $ 4 million a day just for this „freebie”?

This is nonsense, however, and the term used most often to describe himself in thought Mighty No. 9. I have a feeling that Inafune noticed that for some time a challenging game in fashion and decided to use it. The problem is that his work is more about a soulless editor of extreme levels, which Ubisoft has released as Cloudberry Kingdom, than games like Soulsów, which conquers with great satisfaction. In Mighty No. 9 the effort of the player is disproportionate to the rewards, especially because – as I said – struggling not so much with the opponents that niegościnnymi projects levels and schemes. Mighty No. 9 is trying to turn us into another robot. Not worth.

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