The Ouya Is Basically Dead

Kickstarter is a great tool that allows you not only to collect money, but also to check the reaction of customers to the proposed product. One of the most discussed rebounds has awakened great hopes, but after a few months it is becoming increasingly controversial and there are even opinions about oszukaniu donors. What’s next with the Ouya console?

Impressive collection on Kickstarter

Impressive collection on KickstarterStarted as Hitchcock decent earthquake. When the project of a new console appeared on Kickstarterze in the summer of 2012, before the start of production and its creators needed 950 thousand. dollars’. Internet users not only within eight hours collected the necessary amount, but before the end of the collection put a total of almost 8.6 million. The console set, by the way, a record as a project that is the fastest in the history of Kickstarter has collected a million dollars. What was the secret of such an impressive success?

Ouya, because so called the new console, it runs Android and define a new quality in the market. The power of the idea lies in its openness, which meant no license, no restrictions, and ultimately no fees charged by game publishers. The Creator of the app on the new console could be anyone then. Moreover, the console had to be an ideal equipment for geeks with their own ideas to optimize its operation. After purchasing the equipment, the buyer should not have been limited in terms of intervention and any possible alterations that he had just come up with.

Thanks to numerous emulators, the console was also meant to be a real Paradise for dedicated old, classic productions, and the number of titles available increased support for the OnLive platform. Another advantage of the equipment was its cost, determined by which excite the imagination, 99 dollars.

Real criticism or whining?

Real criticism or whining?Quite quickly there were voices of skeptics, drawing attention to the limitations of the entire project, including the fact that the benefits of using Android is not obvious. Openness is a double-edged weapon. On the one hand, it guarantees a rash of independent names, and on the other-dramatically reduces the attractiveness of the platform for business, which are large, more complex and expensive productions, which in fact should earn. About Android console with a reserve spoke, in particular, interviewed by Bart in the article ” Android console [cz. 1]. We are waiting for a revolution in the game world?”representatives of the Polish gaming industry.

Think provoked also the classic, wi-Fi pad. He looked good, had in mind the accessories available for consoles from Microsoft and Sony, but in practice, that was discovered only recently, was a weak link of the whole set. This is a question of technical specifications. 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory, 1.7 GHz, Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 and Tegra 3 is in practice, the smartphone without a screen, closed in a cubic case.

The success of the fundraising, however, was impressive enough for the console’s creators to be optimistic about the future. But whether they were up to their expectations? If it is difficult to draw reliable conclusions on the basis of devices supplied from December 31, 2012 to game developers, from April 3, the first game consoles began to fall into the founders who supported the project on Kickstarterze. The Ouya Is Basically Dead. The problem is that instead of euphoria and rave reviews on the Network, there was perhaps not a groan of the profession, but there were cautious and not enthusiastic reviews. Why?

No mind, but a suggestion of defeat would be premature.

No mind, but a suggestion of defeat would be premature.People who have already had the opportunity to test the console, drew attention to a few annoying flaws. One of them is not the quality of the performance falls, which in some cases works pretty rough. Moreover, the reviewer from the site Engadget drew attention to the problem lag, complicating precise control. The following disadvantages include the instability of the console and frustratingly unfinished software.

What’s important, the hardware developers, began to embarrassedly explain. They reported that the sent consoles are not the final version of the device yet, which is contrary to previous announcements, and it looks a bit serious for people who supported the project on Kickstarter. Not pleased with the lack of access to games from Google Play and a small selection of names running on the new platform — the owners of the first instances of the console has a choice of only 104.

The biggest problem in this case is not the number, but the quality-most of them are simple or old productions. As David pierce of the Verge derisively said, the most powerful of these is Final Fantasy III in 1990, and the hardware that was supposed to challenge the biggest players in the market is reminiscent of a Raspberry Pi rather than an Xbox 360. Although it would be premature to talk about defeat, it should be recognized that the origins of the new console are not encouraging. I hope the developers have learned from the cool reviews before the flaws bury this until recently well-advertised project.

Knights Of The Old Republic Is Still The Best Star Wars Game

The universe of Star Wars have been specialties of dishes many years ago, there are many products with a detailed description of almost every detail of created reality. Realities these voted in many films, books, but and in games. Looking at the title I’m considering below, I feel quite honored to have this opportunity. STAR WARS: Knights of the Old Republic, because it speaks, is the title show completely what I would call the LAW of FORCE.

Accurately conveyed the atmosphere of the universe

Accurately conveyed the atmosphere of the universeThe first contact with the game, I had in 2003, at a time when I was working on a business trip and for umilenia myself lonely (in the frightening majority ;)) night, I bought the first console MS. In addition to the many interesting titles, like Shenmue or Forza – I bought a box with this game. I did not know back then that I was waiting for more than 120 hours of unforgettable impressions.

We have 2015, I’m on vacation and just finishing reading Bane’s trilogy (which I had the opportunity to win on the bloodweek blog – thanks again). After 6 days without the console there is a natural „hunger” to blow up something, but most of all under the influence of the book just-to play something from the world of SW – books no longer took, and until the end of the holiday 8 days, but still left. For a long time without thinking again I became the owner of SW:KOTOR – this time on the tablet.

I must say that the management in 10 minutes becomes clear and without problems, and for the time generally ceases to think about it, and rest for the game is still one of the most convenient. It is worth adding that I was able to once again combine the book with the game, which each time helps to increase the level of immersion of the world in which we experience adventure (as I have this opportunity with the world of the Subway or at least a Witcher or Dragon Age) – to be honest, I can each player is very.

Noisy climate from the screen

Noisy climate from the screenAs I mentioned at the beginning, the world of SW-powered Power is worth, and has been so accurately described that having good movie material in the times we know, parts I-VI (soon VII, can’t wait), or in the „surroundings” of this period, is something really difficult. Bioware, to have the freedom to tell perhaps the best story, took after the simplest and, as is often the case – the best solution – a unique plot posted for 4000 years before the events when Mark Hammil/Luke was engaged in growing on Tatooine. Believe me-such actions allowed so to conduct events that without problems it would be possible on the basis of this game to remove the next fantastic part, not allowed with my beloved so far, part III, the famous Canon.

The story is based on an RPG game where at the beginning of the game we choose a male or female human race character in three different categories. Knights Of The Old Republic Is Still The Best Star Wars GameIt is not very original, because there are three possibilities – a Robber, a Scout and a Soldier. Next is interesting because choosing manual the specifics of the character (except fatati), we vozdeistviem on his strength, agility, health, intellect and charisma. Added to this are additional abilities like computer use, stealth, perception, persuasion, repair, hacking abilities, etc. – that’s a bit.

And this is only half of the rides, because we are waiting for a breakthrough in qualities that specialize in the hero (- erek)in battle. Types of weapons, armor, methods of attack, Blaster processing, the fight of one and two hands after the specialization of the attacks themselves-accuracy, speed or strength. Each feature is well described, and it is worth adding that the benefits of choice are almost always „balanced” are losses in other areas.

Of course, in each case, the possibility to extend by another 2 degrees and so, for example: the Ability „Flurry” – allows you to specify additional attack with the weapon during round 1 (with a step-by-step struggle, just write) apply 2 attacks, but please note, due to the reduction fall on the „defense” to „-4″ in the next 3 seconds. Improving the performance can be” parameters „to improve the level of” -1 ” for protection. At the bottom, we choose the specifics of what kind of power user we plan to remain, rudely treating-whether we prefer diplomatic solutions (Yes, there is a very useful Force „force persuade” giving a lot of opportunities to facilitate dialogues) by force or by force.

Heroes with history

Heroes with historyI know that the values I am giving now are not measurable for you(people who have not played yet), however, playing is of a non-rich value. To sum up-if each of the features is connected in the further part of the game along with the use of Force – because probably no one has any doubt that, in the end, will allow us to use it-it becomes really interesting and exciting-having developed to the maximum „Force Speed” is achieved together with „Flurry” 4 attacks on one move, with-collectively looking – +3 to the mentioned „defensu” just a puzzle does not make it fits conveniently located because against the merits of the sieves’. that, too, is worth as something protect 😉

The good news is that, in addition to the highest level of difficulty, you can not play statistics and analysis, but simply intuitively select individual abilities and it will also be good. There is also the option of” auto-leveling”, completely simplifying but also consuming a lot of fun, deal.

The gutter can be improved, the colors and types (2 blades for example) of lightsabers change, blasters retrofit, and strengthen the armor – what the soul wants. So easy that has no limits to his uniform, ammunition, and the ends want to earn some money, because money has a value, for example, at the time, as in one version of the mission you need to purchase the robot for 3000 credits (because he knows the language of the people of the sand, however, funny in his evil character), where the first aid kit is 80… (so as to give a little proportion). The robot can also be upgraded by purchasing its armor and weapons, etc.

Describing the very struggle with the transformation that it is possible to conduct it almost in real time, with the ability to stop manually, or under the influence of some event – the end of the round, the death of the enemy , the „death” of an ally, the choice of a new goal, etc.It’s just convenient-everyone will find a setting for themselves.

In General, however, you should know that the fight is divided into a move, and attacks cause bursts of blows, first aid kits, energy use, etc. It becomes very convenient, especially when the team consisting of 3 (on a single „Jan” can also be implemented in most missions) should make the most of their strengths. The fighting animations can now like, even though a certain level of conditionality, the fight in the light swords, sound and the different ways attacks along with the use of force (Yes, zippers too ;)) can be considered great.

A detailed explanation of why Mighty No. 9 was terrible

Playing Mighty No.9, I started to wonder which projects do more damage to Kickstarter-found games that don’t end up appearing or perhaps like this. 400% set for financial Keiji Inafune at the helm, and eventually comes out something that the term „spiritual heir to Mega Man” fits much worse than”fake.”

Impact on the promotion

Impact on the promotionIn the production Studio Comcept has, in principle, nothing over which you could sincerely admire. On its biggest plus grows the number of additional modes and problems that appear after the completion of each of the sections of the adventure and the game as a whole. It would be something to chew on if the mighty weren’t.9 itself was much more fun. Meanwhile, the only target audience I see is masochists with impaired vision and suppressed hearing. I’ll explain.

Mighty No. 9-this skin is taken alive from the iconic child of the game’s chief designer. The main character is now called the Beck, but Inafune isn’t fooling anyone. However, after all that is what people want the money for Kickstarterze – Mega Man, who because of legal considerations could not be Mega-Man. Mighty No. 9 no mercy for players making mistakes. There are many obstacles that kill Beck on first contact.

The scheme of each stage is identical. With a limited number of lives (on normalu you can increase it to 9 – I recommend) to break through the stage wypalający eyeballs, visual mizerią although dotted with various traps, then to fight with the boss. If you manage to beat him, Beck will learn from him new tricks or get a new weapon – which will help in the further stages. If we die, all levels must start from the beginning. Mighty No. 9 no mercy for players making mistakes. There are many obstacles that kill Beck on first contact. Can even bosses, when we especially careless. Masochistic tendencies or absolute emptiness in my life that really we have something better – welcome a detailed explanation of why Mighty No. 9 was terrible.

Visual quality of the game is knocked down

Visual quality of the game is knocked downThe only nod from the developer’s side is to unlock all the boards at once so that players can skip a stage that makes problems and try their hand at another. Some put more on the fight with quite interesting opponents, others more emphasize the complex pixel accuracy (the game will fall on the analog) elements of the platform. But in the end, always waiting for the boss, who does, how many lives we will not, most likely, they will not be enough. At least until you make on the sheet the circuits into which each of the “forms”is armed. Fighting eventually comes down to teaching them memory and keeping their blood cold. A real fight with the enemy in which you have to react to unexpected behavior as much here as the cat was crying.

Managing the BEC doesn’t cause much of a problem if you just jump from analog to d-pad. This is important because the levels through which it will come to pierce, were made of hour accuracy and one goal – not to miss anyone who makes mistakes. However, they lack the characteristic for good arcade rhythms when overcoming obstacles. Poring for another trap does not deliver this much pleasure. We focus primarily on surviving to get to the boss in the best condition.

The robots were designed with a decent set of behaviors and attacks. There is much to learn to Wade through the levels faster and faster to reach the boss. A very important component of Beck’s Arsenal is the ability to absorb weakened opponents, which allows you to restore health. With a small amount of skill air dashes we can combine these acquisitions in a Bonus point combo. But even when that doesn’t work, you should remember about the lightning teleporto-jumping protagonist. Without them, his nose Blaster will not be useful for many.

Will kill or only wounds?

The aforementioned mid-title is a literal quote from one of the „bosses” who squeaky voice tells the player when performing a special attack multiple times during a collision. Many times during my adventures with Mighty No. 9 I wanted to warm the rain through the open window. Sometimes when I’ve lost a stupid life.

Many times when I had to think I was wasting my life playing such an ugly and clumsy game. But when this girl opened her mouth for another pew, only the Supreme effort of will allowed me to keep control. English voice action causes the ears to bleed. Fortunately, it can be changed to Japanese, somewhat saving the situation, but the European ear will have big problems with clearing the audio prompts during boss fights.

Will kill or only wounds?Why would a game like this voice acting? Mighty No. 9 were directed, perhaps, in a Golden aesthetics simple stories for children. You know, the robots have rebelled, Beck has to help them get out of this, and he’s supporting him from the base as a fun and cool team. Ultimately, all inserts to the missions or in the course of its equally annoying that stupid death. To which sometimes even contribute by throwing a window on the screen with a dialogue that messages, the landing place of Beck (this can be turned off). Especially bad look interrupters after the mission, where the characters chatter without opening his mouth. About $ 4 million a day just for this „freebie”?

This is nonsense, however, and the term used most often to describe himself in thought Mighty No. 9. I have a feeling that Inafune noticed that for some time a challenging game in fashion and decided to use it. The problem is that his work is more about a soulless editor of extreme levels, which Ubisoft has released as Cloudberry Kingdom, than games like Soulsów, which conquers with great satisfaction. In Mighty No. 9 the effort of the player is disproportionate to the rewards, especially because – as I said – struggling not so much with the opponents that niegościnnymi projects levels and schemes. Mighty No. 9 is trying to turn us into another robot. Not worth.

Sega Dreamcast

I would like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to have a competitor. Just. Therefore, I imagined the best candidate that could be returned to the console market. The choice was simple: Sega Dreamcast.

A Change in Attitude

Probably already settled with the fact that the console market is calm. Yes, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are constantly fighting for the best profit, but the result of this collision can be predicted: the giant will win. TOP 3 constantly and it is difficult to imagine, to suddenly emerged the fourth player. With the Hope they were looking at the Android consoles, but it’s not the League. Steam Machines are something in between, and though, of course, podgryzie Sony and Microsoft, it is difficult to call, the equipment Valve for a full console. Perhaps, Amazon or Apple will join for fun, but there will be no changes on the podium yet. Thus, we can dream that suddenly Sega returns to its great form…

A Change in Attitude

Ah, if suddenly someone tried to fight so bravely, having up their sleeve fantastic ideas, pleasing players. New Dreamcast? We want!

The story of Dreamcast is the story of the rise and the great fall. The console at the beginning was selling very well, she was crazy looking game, I… well, the PlayStation 2 premiere is in front of you. Is that okay? Add to this the problem with piracy (illegal copies acted even without alterations!) and it is already known why Dreamcast landed in the grave.

Passing 18 months. Dreamcast was in fashion-true, we thought we would succeed. And then the Japanese headquarters demanded that we earn hundreds of millions of dollars before the holiday period and sell a few million consoles, because otherwise we could say goodbye to the business. Sold 50tys. copies consoles in day, then 60tys. then 100tys. but it was still too small to reach the right amount before the PS2 release. 

This clash just needs to win richer. Although, of course, the PlayStation 2 is not only a big budget Sony, but the money played a big role in this fight. This one with more money in the account he could afford more, and Sega quickly felt like a knife in the throat. Logically.

Not enough risk

Dreamcasta is worth remembering not only because of the game, which you still say to yourself. Sega game console-is, above all, innovative ideas, which — do not be fooled, a little on the console market we are missing today. We can say that the revolution was easier then, because there was nothing, so someone had to be first. When it comes to online games, this predecessor was precisely Dreamcast. Console found in modem for online play.

Not enough riskSega put on its own carrier – GD-ROM was 1.2 GB, in addition, its production was not worth too much. Imagine that today a manufacturer of consoles will go from Blu-Ray? Even Microsoft used competition technology in their new console, and that’s why these drives are propellers on Xbox one. When talking about the fact that Nintendo’s new console will leave the traditional stuff, many think they’re crazy.

This perfectly shows how little space there is for bold, risky ideas. For head gets caught not only accountants, but and ordinary players. Someone will say that it can be better, because due to the fact that the PlayStation brand exists today, and Dreamcast is only a memory, but, from our point of view, a cold calculation is not interesting. We like risk takers, don’t we?

And Dreamcast had some unusual solutions. It is worth mentioning not only about the online game, a unique medium, but also about the memory card… display. The gadget served as an additional screen – for example, it displayed hints or The Rise And Fall Of The Dreamcast. Sometimes it could be used as a portable console. However, it does not always work as it should, but in theory the idea is impressive.

Dreamcast and games

Especially if you remember, for example, the Wii U, which also makes the use of an additional screen in the pad. I don’t think there’s a lack of innovative solutions today-virtual reality is likely to stay with us for years and will be the standard on many hardware — but I’m missing those little things. Like anything, that’s the idea, which has survived the years and is today a role model.

Dreamcast and gamesSega alive, but only in the memories of its former strength — the publisher has in its range a few interesting production, but is much louder about the financial problems than the successes of the new Prime Minister. It is difficult to understand this, especially if you remember what aces were in the Dreamcast proposal. SoulCalibur, sonic, Jet Set Radio, rez Or Shenmue-it would seem that they will not die. These are brands that are alive today and are in great demand. Just look at Shenmue’s success on Kickstarter-Dreamcast-it’s a slaughtered chicken with Golden eggs.

If the console has a chance to return? Rather not, given the state of Shogi and the situation on the console market. But it does not hurt to dream of a console with interesting ideas and a great number of games.

Best multiplayer games on ps4

As a person brought up on the Amiga, Pegasus and the first PlayStation I am over which way the games went in common games. True, I often play best multiplayer games on ps4 online With people from all over the world, but I lacked the time when brewing in multi meant a group of friends broken up on the couch and struggling for affordable pads. Local cooperation is almost dead, but fortunately, some manufacturers still remember the implementation of its name variants of the game in two or four people on one console. Feel free to read!

PSVR multiplayer games

Production Studio Hazelight, like no other game in the history of the gaming industry, showed what is a good psvr multiplayer games cooperation between the players. The story of the two convicts (Leo and Vincent) is only an excuse for a well-prepared game that requires huge cooperation from the players. Not only that, one of the participants in the game will do most of the dirty work, and the other-on their laurels.

PSVR multiplayer gamesWithout joint action does not fulfill even the prologue, therefore, an important link with the companion and the planning of next steps. If you are looking for an original gaming experience with your friends and family, this A Way Out will be the perfect offer for you. Want to learn more about the best multiplayer games on ps4? Be sure to check out our playstation vr multiplayer games review.

You’re you! very fresh title because it premiered earlier this year holidays. Sony’s products are simultaneously the first game to use PlayLink technology, providing a convenient connection to smartphones with the PlayStation 4, which serve simultaneously for the psvr multiplayer games controllers. This means that for games with friends we don’t need more Dualshocks. In you’re you! we participate in a not very difficult social quiz, checking what kind of relationship we share with loved ones. The questions are adapted for both young and old users, so you can play not only during parties, but also with children.

Hhave you grown up in movies like Rambo, Terminator or matrix, and don’t bother you with pixel art visual lamp? If at least one point you answered Yes, then surely you will play well in Broforce. The work of the Studio Free Lives, is an uncompromising 2D shooter in which we take control of the largest strong movie action, and our task is the total destruction of everything that stands in our way. Fighting alone is enjoyable, but the real ride begins when the screen will be four bloodthirsty warriors. Pure chaos.

Playstation vr multiplayer games

Production Studio Psyonix writes at every opportunity because I believe it is currently one of the more exciting and thoughtful sports games of this generation. Rocket League-a playstation vr multiplayer games variation of football, where instead of people to lead remote-controlled machines. The assumption is simple-the ball one, two goals, wins the team that describes more hits. If local cooperation and competition with friends were not enough, at any time you can join the two (maximum four) before the clashes – and together destroy other people’s dreams of victory. The downside to this solution may be the fact that in the case of the PlayStation 4 version and users must have your PS+paid subscription.

Playstation vr multiplayer gamesAlienation is an isometric shooter created by the creators of the magnificent Resogun (also owning a local cooperative). In the game we take control of space mercenaries fighting an aggressive alien race. At your disposal are several classes of characters, different in their armor and equipment. The multiplayer vr games ps4 gameplay can be difficult, so the only way to success, as the best cooperation with friends. For fun, we can invite three friends with whom we will fight side by side with other hordes of the enemy. If we didn’t, however, have so many people to play with, we can always find help among other users sitting on the other side of the screen. Just like in Rocket League, here also all participants need PlayStation Plus.

LittleBigPlanet 3 – the series, launched through Media Molecule, was once one of the more recognizable multiplayer vr games ps4 brands owned by Sony PlayStation. The third game was created under the wings of Sumo Digital, but it managed to keep the charm of the two predecessors. LittleBigPlanet 3 is a cute platformer offering numerous logic puzzles and arcade stages. The production of the British Studio is a good offer for adult players who want to introduce their children to the world of virtual entertainment. Great fun for the whole family.

Multiplayer vr games ps4

Multiplayer vr games ps4

Injustice 2 – for the FPS, I can understand that, but if local cooperation disappeared from the fray, then there would be no point for me. Fortunately, the producers are well aware of this, so all the time we can compete with other players, sitting in front of the same TV. Perfect for this second Injustice game, due to the interesting ps vr multiplayer games setting based on DC comics, as well as a nice combat system that even beginners shouldn’t have much trouble with. You will read more about the game in our review.

Knack 2 – another suggestion, perfect for playing with kids. Knack was one of The PlayStation 4 launch titles designed to show the capabilities of the new Sony console. The end result was a bit disappointing, however it doesn’t change the fact that the work is doing very well during the co-op. The cartoon design reminiscent of Pixar movies and ps vr multiplayer games gameplay reminiscent of LEGO series productions should be sufficient for interest in younger enthusiasts. The second part is much much better, so you can safely start to enjoy the continuation.

The seventh edition of Tekken let me down on the day of the premiere, in terms of the content offered. Fortunately, the local multiplayer mode was available in full glory. Clashes in the playstation vr multiplayer game, Bandai Namco, they are short, but very dynamic and spectacular. Because of this, even in a short time, you can play a small tournament with friends, which will be the King of the Iron Fist. On the greedy dairy players waiting for as much as thirty-eight playable warriors, so the lack of diversity is unlikely to complain.

PS VR multiplayer games

PS VR multiplayer gamesVikings: Wolves of Midgard – the game may not be as appealing as Blizzard’s playstation vr multiplayer production, and also offers moderately enjoyable gameplay and an interesting universe based on Norse mythology. For co-op on one console, I recommend choosing a higher difficulty level, as only then will the title provide a bigger problem-otherwise it might be too easy.

FIFA 18 – I understand that the Pro Evolution Soccer series offers a better control system and more precise player behavior, but it also beats my heart, towards the endless cycle from EA Sports. Matches with people on the other side of the screen, they are addictive, but unable to convey the emotions that accompany being summoned like a dog on a knee, playing with the best friend who must be kicked to spoil his morals or win a bet. However, it is worth remembering that during one meeting, we can easily lose our best friend. Well, he could have played better…

What’s more, computer games often destroy the set schedule of the day

Children and young people absorbed in the story of the game forget about their daily duties. This also applies to adults who often neglect work or family life.

In this case, the games become a kind of drug that makes addiction as strong as other drugs. One symptom may be the loss of a sense of time. These people do not notice that instead of a moment of relaxation, they spent the whole day or even night in front of the computer, and the further they go in it, the worse they feel.

An example here is learning foreign languages

Over time, they begin to not only neglect their household chores, but also lose contact with family, friends, concentration disorders appear, and finally completely cut off from reality. In extreme cases, computer games can even lead to death by exhausting the body.

An example here is learning foreign languages

This is perfectly illustrated by the situation in Korea, where a man spent 50 hours in front of the computer, taking breaks only to use the toilet. After this time, he lost consciousness and died of heart failure caused by fatigue.

Another risk of excessive use of computer games are numerous physical illnesses. We can list here various eye defects caused by monitor radiation, epileptic seizures, joint and muscle disorders, and spine defects and correct posture.

Too much time spent in front of a computer also leads to a significant reduction in physical fitness, and thus obesity, metabolic disorders, as well as cholesterol increase. Does computer game an opportunity for humanity?

After getting acquainted with so many dangers related to computer games, can you still find some minimal advantage? It turns out that yes and even more than one. An example here is learning foreign languages. A number of games do not have a Polish menu or have available versions in English.

In a good situation are especially children who immediately acquire knowledge

The player, for a better understanding of dialogues and instructions, can translate unfamiliar phrases to him, which significantly extends the vocabulary. In addition, in the case of the game in the „multiplayer” mode, there is also the opportunity to talk with people from different parts of the world, which not only improves language skills, but also interpersonal skills.

Apart from the translation, you can also just listen to the pronunciation of individual phrases, which allows you to achieve better results in the subsequent learning of that language. In a good situation are especially children who immediately acquire knowledge.

In a good situation are especially children who immediately acquire knowledge

The first contact of a child with a foreign language through the game is extremely beneficial, because it greatly facilitates the beginning of learning this language at school. This can be confirmed by the concepts of numerous methods of learning a foreign language.

They assume that before starting it is good to first listen to his pronunciation and accent (eg by listening to e-books in a given language), and then try to learn to say the first words yourself. This can be compared to children’s learning of speech.

In addition to improving language skills, computer games can also develop economics skills

A small child at the beginning for a long time listens to what his parents say to him, remembers the sounds from the environment, and only then tries to speak. In addition to games with a specific story, the so-called language computer games that aim to increase the effectiveness of learning through play.

Children will have the opportunity to actively participate in learning, develop their language skills while enjoying the pleasure. In addition to improving language skills, computer games can also develop economics skills. The popular game „SimCity” may serve as a reference point, in which you should properly manage the city as its mayor, take care of residents, provide them with proper living conditions, build roads, set taxes, etc.

In addition to improving language skills, computer games can also develop economics skills

This game helps you to gain knowledge about understood management of the urban agglomeration. In addition, games such as „Age of Empires”, „The Sims”, „StarCraft” or „Empire Total War” greatly develop strategic skills, logical thinking and spatial orientation.

The specificity of many computer games requires the player to quickly make decisions, a high level of perceptiveness, coordination, reflex, as well as imagination. Some of them even allow for the expansion of historical knowledge, because they refer to the real events of past eras.

Therefore, it can not be denied that they stimulate our intellectual development. It is worth quoting the words of Małgorzata Ohme – a child psychologist who claims that: „Most games have a chance to positively influence the child’s cognitive development, require the launch of many cognitive processes.”

Computer games better than cognitive training

Generally, it is impossible to create an ideal cognitive training that will improve the functioning of memory, intelligence and everything that can be invented. You can train a very specific ability, but it has a poor transfer to other spheres of functioning – Brzezicka explained. The situation is a bit better with computer games.

 All such games (strategic – ed.) Have a few elements that are devoid of cognitive training, and which are useful in the commitment of the person in the task – said Head of GamesLab. As she added: In the game the level of engagement is adjusted to the level of tasks performed – when we are doing well, we jump to a higher one and we have to learn new things again.

Regular cognitive training stimulates brain memory, making it more active. And the research of experts dealing with the aging process, brain degenerative diseases, talk about the need to „stimulate” the brain, by acquiring new skills and skills.

The first computer game appeared in 1952, it was an ordinary „Noughts and Crosses”. Until today, games have become very popular around the world. Everyone plays, children, adolescents and adults. However, how many of those people were wondering about the question „Computer games – a narcotic or another muse; the threat or good of the 21st century?

„My opinion, and probably many of us are divided. It is well known that computer games can become addicted in the same way as from drugs. Narcotic drugs sneak into our lives unnoticed, until they take them completely from us. As it will show in the arguments, games can play the same way. The term muse in this question is of importance to another field of art. The daughters of Zeus, known as muses, were the patrons of, for example, Erato- love songs, Kliography. In my speech I will try to present all the major advantages and disadvantages of computer games.

First of all, some games help us to develop our mind and imagination. We can not beat the next stage without straining our gray cells. Nowadays, games require the player to have more logical thinking skills. For example, here I will give the game „Simsy”. In order for sims to have good living conditions, we need to build a house for him, which requires a lot of imagination. Taking care of each character, we educate our management skills. Nature and travel games help us to expand our news about the world. Still others increase our historical knowledge, e.g. „Europa Universalis”.

In turn, the brutality in games has a very negative meaning. Aggression of the characters of the game, moves to real life. We think that if we have a fictional character, we can do it too. Unfortunately, very often these fallible conclusions lead to fighting and even death. An example of this is the example of a 10-year-old boy, who was embraced by the fashion of „Pockemon” games. During the Pockemon fight, which he had with his colleagues, he was burned by him. The boy paid for it with life.

i antichitate romano bizantina

Singura basilica crestina descoperita in incinta orasului antic Callatis (Mangalia, jud Constanta), asa numita basilica siriana (dupa tipul basilicilor din orientul apropiat) era, probabil, si sediu episcopal. De aici provin unele capiteluri de marmura decorate cu capete de berbec de inalta factura artistica (prbabil importate).

Orasul romana-bizantin Tropeaeum Traiani, comuna Adamclisi, judetul Constanta. Fondat de imparatul Traian, creste in importanta in vremea imparatilor Constantin si Justinian. Asa numita „basilica cu transept”, edificiu crestin din sec al V-lea. Desen bazat pe reconstituirea propusa de arhitect Monica Marginenu Carstoiu.

Tip de palisada simpla pe creasta unui val.

Orasul romana-bizantin Tropeaeum Traiani, comuna Adamclisi, judetul Constanta. Basilica de marmura, cel mai mare edificiu crestin din oras, probabil episcopia. Alaturi s-a aflat un baptisteriu. Desen bazat pe reconstituirea propusa de arhitect Monica Marginenu Carstoiu.

Tip de fortificatie din lemn cu val si sant. Reconstituirea basilicii episcopale de la Tomis (Constanta). Sapata in anii ’60 si apoi acoperita din nou din motive de urbanism (desi era un monument de mare valoare). S-au descoperit frumoase capiteluri si resturi de mozaic pavimentar din caramida. Sub altar era o cripta.

Reconstituirea portii nordice a cetatii Tomis-Constanta a carei temelii pline de gunoaie se fad si azi in zona falezei nordice. Secolul V.

Basilica crestina (secolul V-VI) descoperita in mijlocul satului Niculitel, judetul Tulcea. Sub altar s-a descoperit o constructie cubica (cripta) acoperita cu bolta in care s-au aflat scheletele (moastele) a patru martiri: Zoticos, Attalos, Kamasis, Filippos cat si resturi de oase de alti martiri nenumiti. Biserica ortdoxa romana i-a trecut in randul sfintilor cu nume romanizate. Moastele se afla la manastirea Cocos, in apropiere.

Cripta maryronului ne la Niculitel, judetul Tulcea.

Pacaiul lui Soare: Cetate bizantina de secol X, unica in peisajul arheologic romanesc. Situata pe o insula mare a Dunarii in apropierea orasului bulgar Silistra. Partial distrusa de apele fluviului. Aici debarcaderul ale carui temelii s-au conservat bine.

Reconstituirea turnului de poarta a cetatii bizantine de pe insula Pacuiul lui Soare. Sec al X-lea.

Valul mare de pamant ce traversa Dobrogea era pazit de-a lungul lui de 35 de fortificatii de pamant si una de piatra numite castre sau castella. Valurile dobrogene sunt puse in legatura cu existenta unei provincii (thema) bizantine in secolele VIII-X, in nordul si centrul Dobrogei.

Incercare de reconstituire a doua dintre valurile de aparare ce traversau Dobrogea in zona cea mai ingusta dintre Dunare si Marea Neagra. Sus, valul mare de pamant (inceputul secolului IX), jos valul de piatra (secolul X), in legatura cu care s-au deschis si carierele de creta de la Basarabi-Murfatlar (unde au fost sapate si celbrele bisericute rupestre).

Basarabi: Reconstituirea carierei si a ansamblului de bisericute sapate acolo in creta. Creta scoasa din cariera a fost folosita la constructia Valului Mare de piatra din Dobrogea. Aproximativ secolul al X-lea.


Serie de cãrþi de istorie pentru tineret dar nu numai, publicate de prestigioasa editurã Humanitas din Bucureºti la ideea directorului acesteia, Gabriel Liiceanu ºi scrise de indrãgitul istoric Neagu Djuvara, una din personalitãþile vieþii culturale din România.
Scrierile de popularizare a istoriei României ale lui Neagu Djuvara s-au bucurat de mare succes datoritã unui stil accesibil, simplu ºi complet în acelaºi timp.
O excelentã reþetã – text accesibil ºi ilustaþie bogatã, bine documentatã – de popularizare a istoriei, promovatã de ani de zile în toate þãrile occidentale, aceste cãrþi se adreseazã în aceaºi mãsurã tinerilor dar ºi adulþilor.

„Cum s-a nãscut poporul român”

Aparutã în 2001, aceastã primã carte a seriei „Istorie ºi legendã” povesteºte istoria teritoriului de azi al României, din antichitate ºi pânã la formarea primelor state medievale româneºti. Deºi este cartea cea mai sãrac ilustratã (aprox 40 imagini), cartea a avut un mare succes datoritã subiectului incitant.

„Mircea cel Bãtrân ºi luptele cu turcii”

Povestea realã a celui mai mare voievod al Valahiei, cel ce a reuºit sã evite pentru prima oarã ca þara sã îi fie transformatã în provincie otomanã.

„De la Vlad Þepeº la Dracula vampirul”

Ultima carte din serie, aparutã în mai 2003 descrie adevãrata poveste a sângerosului ºi viteazului domn al Þãrii Româneºti, Vlad Þepeº.
La ilustrarea acestei cãrþi am lucrat mai bine de un an, o treime a acestui timp fiind alocatã documentãrii. Cartea are 95 de imagini, majoritatea ilustraþii, fotografii de monumente, picturi ºi gravuri medievale de epocã.
Ilustraþiile sunt reconstituiri de monumente (majoritatea inedite), bãtãlii, chipuri ale unor personalitãþi din epocã (Mehmet II, Skanderbeg, Iancu de Hunedoara, Matei Corvin, Pavel Chinezu etc.), episoade din viaþa lui Þepeº etc.
Consider cã aceasta este cea mai completã carte de popularizare despre cel supranumit Dracula, cel puþin în ceea ce priveºte ilustraþia, dintre toate câte s-au fãcut pânã acum în România sau aiurea. Toþi cei ce cred cã ºtiu destule despre Vlad Þepeº vor gãsii multe lucruri inedite ºi interesante despre el ºi epoca în care a trãit.